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Clever Jimenez attacks with new “petro-complaint”

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Assemblyman sentenced by a judge questioned claims that 300 transfers hint at a putative intermediary in the oil business. Jimenez asserts that these allegations of government corruption haunt him.

Some 300 bank transfers reach $ 1.2 to $ 1.7 million per month, between the Taurus oil broker (USA) and the company Naparina Corp., and thus to Breiton Capital & Shipping INC, Denarii Systems , Pegasus Investment, Gabriela Cadena LLC, based in Ecuador, the United States and Panama, are part of the documentation supporting the new complaint Cléver Assemblyman Jimenez (Pachakutik).

The lawsuit was filed with the Comptroller, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the legal secretariat of the Presidency and the U.S. Embassy on 8 May. In these, Assemblyman ask to investigate, each in its area, financial movement in that country, payment of taxes and the alleged damage to the State around Taurus and U.S. companies Ecuadorian businessman Enrique Cadena Vidal Marín and his family.

Companies would be linked to the alleged middleman by Taurus Petroleum oil, which according to Jimenez cause prejudice to the State of approximately $ 3 per barrel, to resell the oil to Petrochina gives Petroecuador.

Jimenez, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison and pay restitution to the president Rafael Correa, who accused him of libel, says that the trial against him is a retaliation for complaints he made about alleged corruption, including the alleged injury to the State for oil sales with China benefits.

Taurus is a company that works as a trader (middleman) with Petrochina, with which the Ecuadorian government maintains oil sales agreements and financing.

It is also an intermediary investigated internationally for the disputed oil-for-food trade in the Iraq war. Its main partner is Ben Pollner, who is also a shareholder of Castor Petroleum and Gunvor SA

Taurus, Castor and Gunvor not have contracts with the state or with Petroecuador, however, manage 84% of the exportable surplus, says Jimenez.

Meanwhile Naparina Corp, which operates in Guayaquil, on the 29th floor of the building the Foresighted, is president Andres Vidal Chain Vedova and manager Francis Joseph Guzman Camposano. The company’s economic situation has improved in recent years, said the report published by the IRS taxes.

While in 2007 the income tax was $ 0 in 2012, paid $ 35,909.02.

The relationship between Taurus and Naparina Corp is evident, according to Jimenez, in the series of transfers executed between 2010, 2011 and 2012 (collected after an investigation by months) and were taken from the U.S. Bank Helm Taurus account to Naparina chain and other companies.

For example, says the complaint, on July 5, 2012 at 12:30 1’641 $ 573.20 is credited to the account of Napaina Corp SA with No. 1040123848 of Helm Bank, sent from the account No. 021000018 at Bank of NY, owned by Taurus Petroleum.

Assemblyman further relates that in the book of his adviser, Fernando Villavicencio, titled Made in China Ecuador indicates that Marin would Enrique Cadena relation to members of the government. Among them, Camilo Saman, former governor of Guayas and current president of the CFN and your spouse, Adriana Rodríguez Marín.

According to the book recounts the company Comesa, related to Marin Rodriguez, had a debt of $ 135,000 with Filanbanco in January 2007. Naparina covered it with a check for Decorplan and certificates of deposit in the name of Gilbert Garcia Jara Naparina and transferred to Comesa worth $ 35,273.43.

Decorplan has as President Marcia Leo Montalvo, excomisaria of Guayas in the governorate of Saman.

According to the complainant, Cadena companies would benefit if the citizen state faced insolvency judgment, which in 2012 raised the Central Bank in the Seventh Civil Court of Guayaquil for a debt of $ 1’026 .195 of your company, Quin Cola, with Filanbanco.

Denarii and ISSE

Maria Sol Larrea, coordinator IESS medical units, signed in 2012 a contract with the company Denarii Systems to acquire a technological solution. Enrique Cadena is the president of this company, with offices in Miami Beach, Florida 33129, av. Washington 404, suite 620. The September 28, 2012 the Prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation against the president of the Board of IESS, Ramiro Gonzalez, after the failure of the contract.

Utiba, Alternet and ECB

Alternet System The company signed the March 31, 2011 a contract with the Central Bank to operate Payment System and Mobile Transactions. According to the complaint, the company was related to Utiba Americas and Denarii Systems. The contract was suspended by mutual agreement on February 9, when Pedro Delgado was in charge. Then came the competitive hiring Software National Payment System in which participated Scanbuy, Duzac Gaston.

Case Telecsa

In May 2006 the government of Alfredo Palacio contracted with the company Via Advisor (Viadvi) related to Enrique Cadena, the operation of the state enterprise Telecsa-Alegro. The company had incurred, according to the complaint, on a self-purchase of 100,000 mobile when acquired with Technomobile.